Lafayette County is the last county in Florida to begin Basic 9-1-1 service to residents of the county. We currentily are working on our enhanced 9-1-1 system and plan to be online by the year 2000. Our system is currentily running on a two part system, one 9-1-1 addressing and database management being handle by the County Commission, and the Dispatching handled By the Lafayette County Sheriff's Department. We hope to have parts of the enhanced system up and running by mid 1999, and the complete system certified by 01-01-2000.

Please be patient as we are new to page design and hope to continue to work on updating and improving our page.

Thanks John Bell, 911 Coordinator, Lafayette County Florida.

My Snazzy List of Links

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Lafayette County Florida: The Unofficial Lafayette County Homepage
Florida Online Sunshine: Good reference site for Florida Law, Online Search

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