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Lafayette County Rescue is a Rural Emergency Medical Service serving Lafayette County, Florida. Lafayette County is currently the lowest population county in the state.The County only has just a little over 8,000 residents but contains 554 Square Miles. We are Located in North Central Florida. Located between Gainesville and Tallahassee on US 27. Our Service currently has a fleet of four ambulances. One first out ALS unit, with 2 ALS or 1 BLS backup units available. Each crew has it's own unit. We have seven full-time employees, three paramedics, three EMTs, and one Adminstrator. The EMTs and Paramedics work on a 24/48 schedule. We pride ourselves on the capabilities that we have being the only ambulance in the county to take calls. Our protocols are very relaxed including equipment such as rapid sequence intubation (RSI) and intra-osseus infusion on adults. We deal in 911 calls primarily. Non-emergent transfers are done on occasion. Having such a small amount of residents spaced over such a large county makes for a density of less than 14 residents per square mile. Our Nearest Emergency Room is over 20 miles away. We transport patients to Shands @ Live Oak, Doctors Memorial in Perry, and on occasion Lake City Medical Center. We are proud of the relationship that we have with the people in the community. We currently have one opening for a full-time Paramedic, with salary starting around $30000.00 per year. if you are interested in moving to rural North Florida and working in a progressive and growing service Contact Service Director John Bell at (386) 294-4178.

John Bell

Lafayette County Courthouse
Post Office Box 28
Mayo, FL 32066
United States

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